Travelling can be a lifesaver . The right travel at the right time can revitalize your whole year, not to mention your body and mind . But in today’s economy with airline companies adding new fees almost day-after-day and airticket prices sharply on the rise, many have written off travel as too expensive. However, with a few savvy tricks and a little research, there are still lots of great deals to be had on airline tickets and more.

 Early Bird Gets the Deal . Travel experts say that there are certain times of day when more deals are available. Air Tickets can change many times a day as airlines adjust their prices to fill up flights . Early morning is when the airfares tend to be cheapest , but it is a good idea to check every five hours in order to track prices as they are altered throughout the day. Also , it’s a great idea to check again at 5 PM when the airlines are trying hardest to fill empty seats.

Do not follow the Crowds . Travel to popular places at unpopular or even unusual times. The slowest time of the year for travel is in the Fall between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Once again , to try and fill more vacant seats, the airlines will lower prices and offer better deals to get people to fly during this time of the year.

Right place , “wrong” timing ? By flying to popular destinations at unpopular times, you can get  the best prices from travel companies and airlines . Here’s where flexibility in your travel planning can pay off . Visiting the airticket websites and planning your flight around the best airticket prices offered can result in a fun, cost-effective vacation and maybe widen your horizons to a place you might never have thought before.

What Wouldn’t a Business traveler do? Traveling when business travelers don’t can save you a lot of money . Most business travelers fly on Mondays and Fridays, so all the other days are the best days . Airlines will normally lower their ticket prices on these days to aggressively try and fill empty seats .

Packages in offer Many times the best deals on air-tickets can be found as part of a package rate. Most travel sites have package rates available and they are certainly worth a look. Often times, the entire package (hotel, airticket , rental car) is much cheaper than just the airplane ticket on another site. Even if you don’t need the rental car , with the money you saved on the flight, you can afford to not pick it up. These deals are especially good on last minute bookings.

With a little inside knowledge and some good timing, you can get yourself a steal on a ticket to the destination you thought was out of reach .